Overland Truck Outfitters

Most residents of Winnipeg?will recognize the Overland brand instantly. As the region’s exclusive dealers?of the worlds most popular truck caps, Overland’s brand appears on nearly every truck cap?in the area. However, the company didn’t have a website?and asked BIO to help?them create an online presence for their brand.
BIO took Overland through our website design and development process?that included our content strategy, user experience design, Drupal?development and search engine optimization services. During this project we focused on delivering a user experience that would be quick?for users to grasp and worked?on both desktop and mobile devices?using a responsive design.?We structured the site?with?their most important products prominently represented while also giving users the ability to find the many other brands and products Overland offers through a simple search interface.
In terms of search engine optimization the site had a number of challenges. First, some?online retailers?had used Overland’s well known name to increase their own profile in the region. Second, Overland didn’t have a web presence?prior to working with BIO?and as such they had no existing backlinks or clout of any kind?beyond their name.?BIO carefully dealt?with these challenges by properly linking Overland’s physical location to their online profile?and reaching out to distributors and others to establish backlinks that lent to the?authority of Overland’s web presence. In a short amount of time the website was responding well to brand and product searches in the region.
The site looks great?and is easy to use. It has been a success with Overland’s customers, sales team, and accomplishes the business goals set down in the project.
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